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Dentist Leeds

About Us


Here at Headrow Dental Leeds for over thirty years we have helped our patients achieve the smile they truly wanted. We strongly believe in offering the highest level of patient centred care by consulting with you to find the best procedures and treatments that suit your unique needs and circumstance. We take all the time needed to make sure that you receive the best care and service from Headrow Dental. We take huge pride in offering the highest level of cosmetic and general dentistry. We never compromise on our quality of treatment, dental materials and customer service. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve our quality of service so that we can over exceed your expectation so that we can make you smile in more ways than one.

Our team of experienced professionals are passionate about sharing their knowledge, skills and experience with the people of Leeds and beyond so that they can experience more happiness and confidence in their lives. Nothing makes us happier to know that we have helped you to smile with confidence. We want to be more than just another cosmetic dental practice. We want you, our esteemed patient to feel comfortable and at ease in our practice. We aim at all times to provide you with the highest quality of painless dental care. We want nothing more than happy patients with attractive smiles whom others admire and praise. We want you to feel that your visit to Headrow Dental is not only pleasant but a truly memorable experience that you enjoy.


Dr. Aman Bharti

GDC no 83693

BDS(lond) MFGDP(UK) MJDF RCS(eng);

PGC Aest. Dent. PGC Imp. Dent PGC.Rest. Dent

Dr Aman Bharti graduated from Guy’s Hospital, University of London, in 2004. Since then he has worked in both Private and NHS practices and is the principal of Headrow Dental.

Aman prides himself in providing his patients at Headrow Dental with the best experiences and cosmetic dental treatments possible. He starts by patiently explaining the cosmetic dental procedures which the patient is considering and answering any questions or concerns that he or she may have. He offers ethical treatment recommendations based on each client’s unique needs and condition. He describes his cosmetic dental treatments as patient centred care in that he treats all patients wіth the utmost respect аnd compassion and delivers effective painless care ethically.

In order to continue to offer the highest standard of treatment and service to his patients he is continually developing his knowledge and skills not just in cosmetic dentistry but in customer service, psychology and marketing. He is committed to offering nothing short of the best for his patients.  In his words;

‘When a patient enters Headrow Dental from the point of entering the clinic to the point that they walk out, with the beautiful smile that they have always wanted, we treat them like celebrities. We want their experience at Headrow Dental to be nothing less than special. Our high standard of cosmetic dentistry will guarantee that our patients walk away with a smile worthy of pride and praise’.

Aman is determined to make a positive impact on the lives of people in Leeds by helping them to achieve beautiful smiles and teeth that they can be truly proud of.  His passion extends to his commitment over the last 8 years to furthering his skills and education in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Aman has completed certificates in aesthetic, implant and restorative dentistry and is currently working towards a Masters in Clinical Dentistry. He is a member of the British academy of cosmetic dentistry and is a six month smiles provider.

Further to his own professional development he offers his wealth knowledge and experience to dentists working towards gaining postgraduate qualifications. He has held the position of lead tutor for the Yorkshire Division of the FGDP(UK) and has also been a foundation dental trainer for the last eight years. He is currently establishing the Headrow Academy which will train dentists to the highest standards of dentistry.

Aman has a special interest in TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) treatments, the management of TMJ disorders and  jaw orthopedics. He also receives referrals from other dentists for patients suffering from TMJ disorders.

As a fun loving and family man, Aman enjoys football, golf, cooking and playing with his little son and daughter.

If are you seeking quality cosmetic dentistry in Leeds then arrange a consultation with Dr Bharti today on 0113 243 4014.

Anne Morrell

GDC no 106271

‘Service with a Smile’

Anne Morrell is our experienced and highly knowledgeable Dental Hygienist. Her primary objective is dental hygiene, health promotion and prevention. She takes great interest in her patients and makes every effort to tailor their treatments individually, to ensure that she is delivering the very best treatment and care possible. In her words ‘the patient is why I do what I do, delivering the very best in consistent quality customer care is my ethos’.

In 2006 she qualified in Dental Hygiene and Therapy from Leeds and joined Headrow Dental in 2007. Anne works tirelessly to improve the dental health of her patients to increase their confidence and well-being. As she says ‘Good cosmetics need good foundations’. She believes in making a difference to patients, to affect change in their lives for good, to enable them to be more confident. She believes strongly that education about oral hygiene is paramount. Anne is truly patient focused and wants nothing more than to know that her patients leave the Headrow Dental feeling that they have had the best treatment and advice available, and to go away and put that advice into practice. She wants them to smile with confidence.

Anne not only possesses a thorough knowledge of the dental sciences but like all great dental hygienist is extremely patient and highly empathetic towards her patients. She has a natural ability to put fearful patients at ease. She is highly ethical, friendly and passionate about her work. Her cheerful personality and commitment to delivering the best care possible to her patients allows her to work with a variety of personality types.

Anne loves travelling and holidays abroad. She takes a keen interest in her health and well-being and has a passion for keeping active. She loves scuba diving and weight training. She also enjoys running and cycling. She has recently joined a cycling club and enjoys both road and mountain biking. But her love is her motorbike!

If you would like to know more about dental hygiene and how it can improve your smile then arrange an appointment with Anne today on 0113 243 4014.

Dr. Sherif Abbas

GDC no 212795

Sherif has extensive experience in Oral Surgery & Restorative Dentistry and is one of the lead tutors for the Leeds Dental Institute. Such experience allows us to carry out wisdom tooth extractions and sedation dentistry at Headrow Dental, alongside many additional procedures, which would have otherwise required a referral out of the practice.

If you are nervous and anxious about having any dental treatment, sedation dentistry means that you will be able to achieve that perfect smile you have always wanted.

Dr. Reza Faridrad

GDC no 84414

Dr. Reza Faridrad is our Advanced Implant Surgeon, who brings over 20 years’ of experience in Dental Implantology.  Reza also performs many specialised treatments (Sinus lift, Bone Grafting, Nerve Re-positioning and Implant placement) at more than 10 different dental surgeries around the country.

Reza has many years of experience in working within Oral Maxillo Facial Departments around the UK. Reza has worked with many different Implant systems throughout his career and now can offer each patient a tailored implant system that best suits the treatment, as well as offering facial rejuvenation such as Botoxillum and Derma fillers. Reza also provides sedation to the anxious and nervous patients and making the experience a relatively more relaxed encounter.

Dr. Rajveer Badesha

GDC no 285334

Dr. Rajveer Badesha, an experienced dentist with a passion for Restorative Dentistry. With a keen interest in enhancing smiles, Raj specialises in a range of transformative treatments, including Teeth Whitening, Composite Bonding, White Fillings, Crowns, and Veneers. Currently, Raj is engrossed in a comprehensive year-long program focused on advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry, further honing his skills and knowledge.

Raj finds immense joy in witnessing the remarkable improvements that can be achieved not only in a patient’s smile but also in their overall confidence. With a compassionate approach, Raj strives to provide personalised care to each patient, understanding their unique needs and aspirations.

Dr. Saqib Hafiz

GDC no 179075

Dr. Saq is a highly skilled dental professional specializing in conservative and adhesive dentistry, with expertise in fillings and onlays. With a passion for preserving natural tooth structure, Dr. Saq ensures optimal outcomes for patients. They stay updated with the latest advancements in the field and create personalized treatment plans, prioritizing patient satisfaction and well-being. Dr. Saq’s commitment to excellence makes them a respected expert in the dental community, providing exceptional care and long-lasting results.

Janette Tacey


GCD: 130999

Fatima Matwadia


GDC: 284164

Louise Brownlow


GDC: 129235

Saphron Mortimer


GDC: 263202

Why Headrow Dental?

Why choose Headrow Dental Leeds as your cosmetic dental practice in Leeds?

  • We respect our patients as individuals.
  • We believe that every patient should be treated as if they are a family member.
  • We really listen to what our patients have to say.
  • By listening attentively we find out what we have to do to make it as easy as possible for our patients to receive the best benefit from our care.
  • We believe that proper communication is key to our success.
  • We never stop striving to give the best possible answers to the questions patients ask.
  • We offer nothing less than a warm and caring environment every step of the way ensuring that outpatients are comfortable and happy.
  • We respect our patients. We believe they are more than simply individuals who come to receive dental treatment. They are people we are interested in and would love to get to know.
  • We want our patients to feedback to us how we can improve their patient experience at Headrow Dental.
  • We never stop striving to offer our patients a better level of service or experience whether it is our excellent customer service, the quality materials we use, our level of professionalism or our high standard of dental care.
  • Each member of our team is committed to the success of Headrow Dental by providing the best dentistry both cosmetic and general as possible.
  • We believe in the philosophy of compassion and care to our team and our patients.
  • Our mission is to become the best patient centred cosmetic dental practice in the UK. We are experienced cosmetic dentists who train other dentists and to whom other dentist refer their patients for special cases such as TMJ disorder and for dental implants.
  • We are one of the very few cosmetic dental practices in Leeds that can offer CEREC Restorations reducing dental procedures using inlays, onlays and crowns to one visit frоm start tо finish.
  • We are transparent. We make sure that our patients know exactly what they are paying for.
  • We want our patients to receive the best treatment without having to feel hindered by finance so we offer affordable options so that they can receive the treatment they need.
  • We conduct our business according to the highest ethical standards.
  • It would be our honour for you to choose us as your cosmetic dental practice. We would love to help you restore and develop a healthy smile that you can share with confidence.

Give us a call on 0113 243 4014 to learn more about how Headrow Dental can help you to achieve your perfect smile or pass by at 5 The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 6LJ.

Mission and Vision

 Our Vision

Building on the proud heritage of 30 years of Headrow Dental Leeds we are passionately committed to bring together our expertise, knowledge and state-of-the-art technology аvаіlаblе to give our patients smiles that improve the quality of their lives.


Our Mission

To help every patient we treat achieve the most beautiful smile and the most compelling patient experience possible.

To provide a superior quality of cosmetic dentistry in Leeds that our patients will recommend to others.

To be the most patient centered dental practice in the UK.

To exceed our patients’ expectations because we truly care about their well-being.

To make a contribution to the happiness and confidence of others by helping them to achieve amazing smiles and helping them to have experiences that make them smile more.

To provide the best products and treatments for our clients unique needs and conditions.

To offer a truly ethical service which treats every client with respect and dignity and to be inclusive and approachable.


Our Customer Care Commitment

All of our team аrе professionals wіth ѕеvеrаl years оf experience coupled wіth thе provision оf exceptional customer care. Wе promise tо always:

Treat уоu wіth respect аnd compassion

Deliver effective painless, patient centered care

Offer ethical treatment recommendations

Encourage уоur participation іn аll aspects оf уоur oral care

Educate уоu аbоut уоur unique oral health needs, fоr уоu tо bе аblе tо mаkе the best decisions аbоut your teeth.

Conduct our business according to the highest ethical standards

Provide you with a professional and high standard of service

Use the best quality products and materials in our treatments not the most popular or cheapest


Schedule Your Visit

Headrow Dental is located at 5 The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 6PU in Leeds City Centre next to Barclays Bank . We welcome patients from Leeds and surrounding areas to visit us or you can also give us a call on 0113 243 4014 to learn more about the cosmetic treatments we offer, and to schedule a visit. We would be honoured to be your cosmetic dental practice; it would be our pleasure to help you restore and develop a healthy and beautiful smile that you can share with confidence.

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