This gent came to us on Christmas Eve with a missing front tooth. Here we were able to provide this gent with a temporary bridge to fill the space the same day, so he had a tooth for Christmas. In the new year we were then able to complete his treatment and provide him with … Continue reading Bridges Case 1

Here we had a case of a missing front tooth. This lady was wearing a removable partial denture that did not give her the confidence to talk or smile. She dismissed the idea of an implant, so we proceeded to place a bridge by fixing a false tooth to the two adjacent teeth. She can … Continue reading Bridges Case 2

Very often we are presented with cases where the lower incisor teeth have come loose and painful over a period of years, and unfortunately are beyond repair. In situations like this, removing the incisors and placing a bridge from canine to canine is often a great way to give you back strong front teeth so … Continue reading Bridges Case 3

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